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valentines coloring to print

valentines coloring to print


valentines coloring to print







January has already scooted past us and its Valentine’s Day once again on this February 14th. Just lift your heads and spirits from the shabby pile of unfinished work and have a look around! The lively and fiery spirit of love has started to rage and pass from heart to heart at the very onset of February.

It is a pity that the ever-flowing processes of BPO industry never let the employees to go boogie on the evergreen pastures of such tender emotions. They have no time to sleep or eat properly, let alone have a romantic candle-lit dinner with their Valentine under a star-lit sky.

But as life is too short and take some time to dream, to laugh and spend sometime with the one you love so dearly. It would make your otherwise monotonous life bloom and blossom out to a garden of fresh flowers.

Do you remember the last time you gave a gift to your beloved? Not exactly, isn’t it? Precious moments of life are oozing out of your hand like sand from an hour glass.

It’s high time that you recapture the spirit of love back to your life. This Valentine’s Day offer your love an unforgettable gift and make him/her feel special and inevitable in your life.

You can surf the net which gives you an amazing range of gift options. Cookie bouquets, Valentine hearts, sweetheart jewelry and watches, exclusively designed dresses, health/spa packages, fresh roses, romantic wine & gourmet gift baskets – well, the list is endless.

The highly daring and romantic ones who are ready to spend luxuriously can even step aboard one of the cruise ships and experience a night having breathtaking views of the city with the accompaniment of delicious food while dancing under the stars…

Some gift ideas:

1.A completely new and personalized Valentine card telling your beloved, “For life-long love, care, financial & accounting help, choose me as your life partner”.

2.A well-decorated cake saying, “I propose my Valentine – Will you outsource your love? I will provide 100% accuracy and return it keeping the best TAT possible”.

3.A customized T-shirt with “YOU & ME – make perfect Outsourcing Partners for life”, printed on it along with your photos.

4.A set of exclusive hankies organizing a week-long program printed on them:

Monday- “At MacDonald’s for quality food with return on Investments”.

Tuesday – “At the Theatre for some video tagging”

Wednesday – “At any of your favorite boutique for dress selection and payment online through payment gateway”.

Thursday – “At the jeweler for a diamond ring with cutting edge technology”.

Friday – “At Baskin & Robbins for reliable and limitless ice cream”.

Saturday – “At the sidewalks of the city for plan drafting and designing”.

Sunday – “At your home, asking your parents to outsource their daughter to me as my life partner”.

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