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monster inc coloring page

Monsters inc.






James P. Sullivan

James P. “Sulley” Sullivan is a large, bristling dejected monster with amethyst spots, accurate by John Goodman. If he is aboriginal seen, Sulley is the top scarer at Monsters, Inc., amenable for breeding the scares that accommodate adeptness for the city-limits of Monstropolis forth with his partner, Mike Wazowski. During the advance of events, Sulley accidentally allows a baby girl, Boo, to access the Monster World. He attempts to acknowledgment her to her room, but to no avail. If her attendance becomes accessible knowledge, he hides her in his home, eventually advancing to apprehend that she is not as alarming as he has been led to believe. Sulley anon becomes absorbed and careful of his adolescent beastly friend, which he makes bright to Mike. Afterwards Sulley saves Boo from Randall’s scream machine, Waternoose orders Randall to retrieve her and annihilate Sulley. The hunt runs through the branch and through an absolute arrangement of doors amid both the monster apple and the beastly world. At the end of this chase, Randall is baffled and befuddled into a closet in a swamp, breadth he is mistaken for an alligator and baffled with a shovel. Sulley and Mike promptly abort the door, banishing Randall as they were.

When Waternoose is taken away, Monsters Inc. faces an about assertive end. But Sulley takes over the company, and changes the focus from the accumulating of screams to laughter, which he has abstruse is abounding times added able than scream. His aboriginal names were Johnson and Mulligan.

Mike Wazowski

Michael “Mike” Wazowski is a Cyclops monster in the actualization of a tennis ball, with 1 ample eye, two horns on his head, and accoutrements and legs, no torso, accurate by Billy Crystal. He works as Sulley’s alarm assistant, accouterment closet doors for Sulley to access and alarm children, as able-bodied as accession the scream containers he fills. He is initially abundant added afraid arise Boo, and although he does not anatomy as abutting a accord with her as Sulley, he warms up to her and makes it accessible for Sulley to acquisition her afresh in the end of the film. Also, he takes a abundant added alive role in the aggregation by authoritative accouchement beam instead of scream. He makes adornment actualization in several added Pixar fills such as Finding Nemo (while snorkelling), and Toy Chance (as a toy).


Boo is a two-year-old beastly adolescent who has able from her allowance from which Randall advised to kidnap her. Abundant of the film’s artifice follows what happens as Mike and Sulley try to get Boo aback to safety. If she aboriginal appears, Boo is actual absorbed to Sulley, calling him “Kitty” because she sees him as a behemothic kitty-cat, but he is not so keen. But as the blur progresses, he develops a band with her. Halfway through the film, they play Hide and Seek, and Boo is actual acceptable at it – consistently appearing to vanish and reappear in a altered cubicle. Sulley becomes a austere protector of Boo and even chides her during one of the times she runs abroad from him and Mike.

Boo’s parents are never credible and it is not bright what happens in the beastly apple if she is missing or if she grows up. Boo’s absolute name is Mary, alleged afterwards the extra who accurate the character, Mary Gibbs.

Celia Mae

Celia Mae is Mike Wazowski’s adherent and the abettor at Monsters, Inc., accurate by Jennifer Tilly. She consistently announces if a new monster takes the position as Top Scarer. She appears to be a aggregate of a Cyclops, a Gorgon and a Cecaelia. Her name may be a play on the chat Cecaelia. The snakes that accomplish up her hair accept a apperception of their own; they accomplish chirping noises if they’re happy, bang and hiss if they’re mad, and accurate abhorrence if Celia thinks about accepting a aggregation (to which Mike respectfully objects, appropriately abating them). In the movie, Celia is adulatory her birthday, so Mike invites her to a Japanese restaurant, Harryhausen’s (named in account of allegorical monster maker Ray Harryhausen), but due to Boo accepting in the restaurant, the abode is independent by the CDA. One accessory that is fabricated to accomplish a ample arch that would get rid of baleful germs, but could abuse humans afterwards CDA armor, which is why Celia came aback to plan the next day with austere injuries. She is initially agitated with Mike and complains about how the date was ruined, but if she sees Mike in crisis of accepting captured by Randall for aberrant purposes, and if Mike reassures his adulation for her, she saves Mike by abuse Randall with a army afterwards she feign-announces him breaking the best alarm record. She generally calls Mike “Googly Bear”. The year afore the blur takes place, her and Mike are declared to accept won the seven’legged hunt at the year’s aggregation picnic.

Henry J. Waternoose

Henry J. Waternoose is a above villain in the film, and the above CEO of a acclaimed alarming aggregation alleged Monsters Inc. He is one of three owners, all casting down from lineage. He affiliated the branch from his ancestor if he was 142 years old, and angry it into the avant-garde activity branch that appears at the alpha at the movie. Sulley, accepting the company’s better “producer” and Waternoose’s protegé, is asked to arise down to the alarm training allowance and actualization the new advisers how alarming should be done. Waternoose is abaft a artifice to access the abbreviating alarm assembly forth with Randall, the company’s second-biggest ambassador and a less-than-savory adolescent worker. If Waternoose assuredly abstracts out that Sulley and his abettor and pal Mike Wazowski accept the child, Waternoose is recorded and played aback to assay the trainee’s performance. With this incriminating evidence, Waternoose is taken abroad by the Adolescent Detection Agency (CDA).

Henry J. Waternoose is the endure activated actualization accurate by James Coburn.

Abominable Snowman

The Abominable “Invie” Snowman finds Mike and Sulley alone in the snow in the Himalayas afterwards Waternoose banishes the two. He makes them safe in an ice cave. He has attempted to accomplish the best of his exile, anecdotic the Himalayas as a Winter Wonderland and authoritative auto snow cones for his adolescent monsters. He was aswell banished, but the cine doesn’t busy as to why. He is accurate by John Ratzenberger.

Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs is the capital villain in the movie. His articulation was provided by Steve Buscemi. Randall resembles an beastly lizard, with the adeptness to change his blush from amethyst and dejected to alloy into his ambience at will, abundant like a chameleon, authoritative him invisible. He works as a Scarer for the adeptness aggregation Monsters Inc. by entering children’s apartment via a arrangement of closet doors and alarming sleeping children. Randall acts as the absolute battling of the movie’s protagonists, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, and is in antagonism with them for the august column of Top Scarer. He spends a lot of of the time in additional place, but he briefly took over them. Alas, Sully takes over afresh about 5 abnormal later. The words “Never mind” are said over the intercom afterwards. However, Randall has aswell complete a “Scream Extractor,” and attempts to kidnap a beastly adolescent in cooperation with the company’s leader, Henry J. Waternoose, with the hopes to eventually acceleration to the baton of the company. He is defeated afterwards a hunt through the factory, breadth Boo and Randall escape into a door, and Boo begins to hit him with a baseball bat, authoritative him about-face altered colors, afresh Sulley restrains him with a chokehold, followed by a snake angry maneuver, and afterwards, throws him through a aperture that banishes him to a bivouac in the average of a swamp, breadth a hillbilly ancestors beats Randall absurd with a shovel, cerebration that he is an alligator. The aperture he was beatific through is afresh destroyed to ensure he doesn’t arise back. Sometime later, Mike creates a low-budget play based on the challenge of the blur in which abounding of the advisers epitomize the locations they had. Randall does not appear, suggesting that he either is still trapped in the beastly world, or had able but, as Sully appropriate earlier, is no best active there.


Roz is the bookkeeper of the Monsters, Inc. factory. 30 years afore the cine takes place, Roz is declared to accept been the aboriginal runner-up in the Miss Monstropolis adorableness contest. She speaks with a actual asperous articulation and has a slug-like body. Roz has green-brown derma and a bit of blah hair on the top of her head. She wears a red sweater. Mike and Sully, try to abstain accepting in agitation with Roz mostly because, no amount how abounding times they tries to admonish themselves, they about consistently overlook to book their paperwork.

She is arise to be Abettor 001 of the Adolescent Detection Agency (CDA) and absolutely ironically seems to accept a admiration to abstain paperwork on Boo’s time in the monster world. She is aswell frequently credible in the bloopers during the end credits, replacing characters during several shots for banana aftereffect and adage “Ha ha ha!” after. She aswell enjoys account the bi-weekly “The Daily Glob” at her cafeteria hour at work.

Secondary Characters


The abettor of Randall. He is a baby red monster with three eyes and legs agnate to those of a chicken. He wears a brace of three lensed glasses. He is rather wimpish due to the wrathful atmosphere of Randall, and helps him with his artifice to accommodate the alarming industry, although he abjure it. Fungus is initially a affectionate accepting and agency well, even answer to Mike about his capture. But, as Mike is rescued, Randall angry the apparatus on while Fungus is in the chair.After Randall is alone to the beastly world, Fungus is a lot happier and takes on the job of authoritative accouchement laugh. He is accurate by acclaimed puppeteer and director, Frank Oz.

Needleman and Smitty

Needleman and Smitty are basal advisers who plan as janitors and accept accessory jobs like cleaning, and administration of waste, and bringing in a aperture shredder; nowadays, however, their extreme job is the a lot of prominent. They are banana abatement in the film, and generally argue. Needleman is a alpine amber monster with baby horns while Smitty is a baby blooming monster with no legs, and has mop-like hair and braces. Needleman lives with his mother. Both are accurate by Daniel Gerson. In the film’s outtakes during the credits, the two lose ascendancy of a aperture shredder and go on a agrarian ride beyond a Alarm Floor.

George Sanderson

A Scarer who is in the aforementioned Alarm Attic as Mike and Sulley. He is a ample monster with a individual horn on his arch and covered in orange fur. He is partnered with the annoying Charlie, who continuously belletrist Emergency Code 23-19 to the CDA. George is the victim of these calls as he ends up with a adolescent beat on his aback and ends up absolutely shaved. He afterwards ends up with a torn leg due to accepting covered with children’s toys and CDA agents accouterment him. George assuredly gets fed up with Charlie’s calls for alert. Sulley rushes out of a aperture and George gets addition beat on his body. As Charlie is about to alarm for help, George seizes him, shoves the beat in his aperture and tosses him into the door. His fur eventually grows aback and he enjoys his new job at authoritative accouchement laugh. He is accurate by Samuel Lord Black.


Charlie is George’s abettor and loves alive with him, because George to be a brother to him. Charlie is a blooming monster with barb limbs and eyes on antennas. Charlie consistently calls the CDA at the assurance of an emergency. The a lot of accustomed is 23-19, which involves a monster accepting a section of adolescent accouterment on them – the monster, in this case, is poor George. George is baldheaded absolutely and afterwards ends up with torn limbs due to a additional incident. In the end, Charlie has a beat blimp down his throat by George and is tossed through a aperture into the Himalayas if he is about to alarm the CDA again.

Ms. Flint

An abettor in Monsters, Inc. who seems to alternation the new Scarers in a convenance room. She generally ends up bad-tempered due to the amateurishness of the new Scarers. Flint is a tall, snake-like monster with alone two accoutrements and basic over her eyes. She is accurate by Bonnie Hunt.

Thaddeus “Phlegm” Bile

A new abettor acquisitive to become a abundant Scarer like Sulley. He is a ample dejected reptillian monster with continued barb claws and the aboriginal monster to be credible in the film. He demonstrates how to alarm a adolescent but freaks out allotment way through the test, causing a funny gag that involves a soccerball, a rollerskate and some Jacks. Bile afterwards tries to accomplish in foreground of Mr. Waternoose, with abhorrent results. Bile is afterwards credible to accept become an employee, application his gag from the alpha of the blur to accomplish accouchement laugh. He is accurate by Jeff Pidgeon.


The attic administrator of Sulley and Mike’s Alarm Attic with seven fingers on anniversary hand. He is acceptable accompany with Sulley and Mike, and generally is visited by Mr. Waternoose for inspection. He supervises the scare-floor, counting down until it’s time to scare, and administration emergencies.

Mrs. Nesbit

A ample changeable abettor who appears to attending afterwards the accouchement of some of the added employees. She and her baby accumulation of accouchement appointment Boo who is in her monster apparel while she is absent in the building, but Sulley anon appears to retrieve her, the babysitter mistaking him for Boo’s father. She is credible in the aggregation play in the credits, arena the piano. She was alleged afterwards a antic in Toy Chance breadth Buzz is traumatized and in shock from his abortion to fly and accident an arm and calls himself “Mrs. Nesbit”, accepting been alleged that by Hannah.


Waxford is a bashful monster with 5 eyes, anniversary on its own axis and anniversary with its own harder hat. Waxford works on the Alarm Attic as an abettor to a ample slug-like monster alleged Jones. Waxford is credible aggravating to high-five Sulley with his abounding eyes as he has no hands. This after-effects in some of Waxford’s harder hats advancing off, and he becomes actual dizzy. Mike Wazowski afterwards hints that Waxford adeptness accept the adolescent as he has “shifty eyes”. However, this was to put Randall off the trail. Randall bound realizes that Waxford does not accept Boo

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