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Free animal coloring pages

free animal coloring pages

free animal coloring pages

there are many activities for kids and one the best is coloring free animal coloring pages. Kids love animals and some animals love kids so when you need an activity about animals why do not you print these coloring pages and color them with kids.

free animal coloring pages 1

free animal coloring pages 2

free animal coloring pages 3


Use any free animal coloring page for the subsequent lessons.

1. THIS IS MY PET- Imagine this is often your pet and write answers to the subsequent questions.

a) What’s his/her name?

b) Where did he/she come from?

c) How long have you ever had him/her?

d) What does he/she like to eat?

e) What is your favorite thing to try to to along with your pet?

f) Where does your pet sleep?

g) What’s your favorite memory of your pet?

h) What’s your pet smart at?

i) What is your pet dangerous at?

2. PET CARE GUIDE – Write a guide describing how to worry for this pet. (food, bedding/home, exercise, special wants, handling instructions).

3. DESIGN A PET HOUSE – Create a billboard for the perfect home for this animal. Speak about dimensions, price, availability (where you’ll be able to purchase it), features and warranty. Include a diagram with labels.

4. HELP! I’VE BEEN TURNED INTO AN ANIMAL – You aggravated a magician and are changed into this creature. Write a story explaining your journey (My amazing day as a…..)

5. HERO – Imagine this animal may be a hero. He/She rescued a tiny kid from drowning. Write a newspaper article describing what happened.

6. 1ST PRIZE This animal won initial prize at the native pet contest. Imagine you were the owner and write a page describing the event. Be positive to explain the setting. the events (eg obstacle course/best dressed), the other competitors, the judges, and the way you felt when you won. If there’s time produce a initial place ribbon (draw it on to a blank piece of paper, color it, cut it out and glue it on).

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