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Marlin is an ocellaris clownfish whose wife Coral is asleep by a barracuda, forth with 399 of their 400 eggs. Because of this tragedy, he develops agoraphobia and becomes acutely overprotective of his son Nemo. Afterwards Nemo is taken to Sydney by Phillip Sherman, Marlin gives hunt and begins his campaign analytic for his son. A active gag in the blur is whenever Marlin mentions he’s a clownfish, added angle appeal he tells them a joke. He alone knows one joke, and frequently gets it wrong, bidding Bruce to remark, “For a clownfish, he’s not that funny.” At the end of the blur he allegedly tells the antic correctly, and is credible cogent the punchline of it. Accurate by Albert Brooks.


Nemo is a adolescent and a affable ocellaris clownfish, Marlin and Coral’s son, and the sole survivor of a barracuda attack. Damage to his egg larboard one of Nemo’s fins abate than the other, affecting his adeptness to swim. Marlin refers to Nemo’s agee fin as his “lucky fin.” If Nemo is captured by divers, one of whom is a dentist, they yield him to Sydney, Australia. Nemo eventually finds himself in a abyssal aquarium in the dentist’s office, breadth he meets a accumulation of abyssal animals accustomed collectively as “The Catchbasin Gang”. Nemo is accustomed into the Gang and helps their baton Gill try to escape. Nemo is about 1.2 inches in length. Nemo’s name comes from anemone (‘a nemo’), the home of a clownfish. Nemo is aswell the name of the acclaimed Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which in about-face is taken from the Latin chat nemo acceptation nobody. Accurate by Alexander Gould.


Dory is a Regal Dejected Aroma that Marlin collides with while advancing the baiter that is accustomed his son, Nemo. Dory suffers from concise anamnesis loss. Dory accompanies Marlin in his seek for his son, and her abridgement of concise anamnesis provides abundant of the film’s banana relief. Dory’s optimism and her chargeless spirit advice Marlin throughout his journey. Dory has a brilliant point of actualization over aggregate in life. She eventually becomes Marlin’s best friend. Dory’s name comes from the accustomed name of several families of abyssal fish, a lot of of which are in the adjustment Zeiformes, suborder Zeioidei. Accurate by Ellen DeGeneres.

The Catchbasin Gang

After Nemo’s capture, he is placed in a abyssal aquarium in a dental clinic. Its citizenry accommodated Nemo and admit him into their group, ablution him with his new name, “Sharkbait.” They accept a antic all-encompassing adeptness of dental procedures and equipment, and they consistently action about which ones right.


Gill, a Moorish Idol, is the self-proclaimed baton of the Gang. Like Nemo, he originally lived in the ocean until he was captured and awash as a pet. Aswell like Nemo, he has a askew fin, acquired by a antecedent catchbasin escape attack in which he landed in the dentist’s aciculate tools. The accoutrement larboard his appropriate fin and allotment of his face acutely scarred. Gill’s face was modeled to resemble his articulation actor, complete with abysmal facial wrinkles. Accurate by Willem Dafoe.


Nigel is a Amber crammer who has befriended the Catchbasin Gang. He rescues Marlin and Dory from accepting eaten by the seagulls (or as he calls them ‘rats with wings’) and carries both of them in his aperture to yield them to Nemo breadth he crashes through the window and into the appointment breadth he flies about aimlessly afore he is pushed out the window. Nigel is aswell credible abolition into the window at the dental appointment added than two times in the movie. He is aswell the alone beastly actualization who is not from the water, afar from the seagulls. Nigel is accurate by Geoffrey Rush.


Bloat is a porcupinefish, with the addiction to aerate himself if affronted or startled. Accurate by Brad Garrett.


Gurgle is a Aristocratic Gramma who displays germophobic behavior if he discovers Nemo is from the ocean, and if the Gang disables the aquarium clarify as allotment of a plan to chargeless Nemo. (This actualization is never referred to by name in the film. The name Gurgle is listed alone in the end credits.) Accurate by Austin Pendleton.


Peach is a starfish who spends a lot of of the time absorbed to the tank’s glass, celebratory the challenge demography abode on the outside. In this way, she aswell serves as the Gang’s lookout. She spends so abundant time watching what goes on that she can not alone read, but has the dentist’s habits memorized down to the aboriginal detail. If the blow of the Catchbasin Gang associates are advertence which pet boutique they are from, Peach replies that she is from eBay. Accurate by Allison Janney.

Deb (and Flo)

Deb is a Damselfish, the 2nd changeable affiliate of the Catchbasin Gang. She confuses her absorption on the catchbasin bank as her “sister” Flo. Deb and Flo are a pun to ebb and flow, the falling and rising, respectively, of the Earth’s tides. Accurate by Vicki Lewis.


Jacques is a Pacific cleaner shrimp who has an affected charge to apple-pie continually. He speaks with a French accent, and tends to blooper into French periodically. He is an accessible admiration to the acclaimed ocean charlatan Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Accurate by Joe Ranft.


Bubbles is a chicken aroma who behaves berserk in the attendance of bubbles. Like Gurgle, Bubbles is never mentioned by name. Accurate by Stephen Root.

Secondary Characters


Bruce is a abundant white shark, and is allotment of a self-help abutment accumulation with two added sharks to change their angel by alliance off bistro fish. Bruce encounters Dory and Marlin on their quest, and invites them as allotment of footfall 5 of the group’s twelve-step program: “Bring a Angle Friend.” Bruce briefly reverts to his age-old bloodthirsty instincts if he smells Dory’s claret afterwards she is hit by the diver’s affectation she and Marlin were angry over, banishment the added sharks to try and arrest him; in his agitated state, his pupils become acutely dilated. Bruce is alleged for the three automated sharks acclimated in the aboriginal Jaws movie. Accurate by Barry Humphries.


Anchor is a hammerhead shark, and is allotment of Bruce’s abutment group. His aperture is breadth a absolute hammerhead’s close should be, admitting this may be due to action difficulties. He hates dolphins and states them as accepting an barring to the “fish are friends, not food” aphorism (a accustomed inacuraccy, aback dolphins are mammals, not fish). Accurate by Eric Bana.


Chum is a hyperactive mako bluff with a angle angle anchored in his snout. He is the third affiliate of Bruce’s abutment group. His name is a pun, as the chat “chum” can beggarly either a friend, or a admixture of angle locations and claret that is acclimated by fishermen to allure fish. Like Anchor, he aswell hates dolphins. Chum is accurate by Bruce Spence.


Crush is a sea turtle who speaks with a surfer accent. He is the ancestor of Squirt, and he aids Marlin and Dory afterwards they had gone through the afraid swarm. Crush is an important access on Marlin’s actualization development. Crush is accurate by Andrew Stanton, the administrator of Finding Nemo. He aswell starred in his own affair esplanade attraction, Turtle Allocution with Crush.


Squirt is Crush’s son. Like Crush, he seems to be almost airy about things, although he maintains a lot of energy. He has a actual harder head. He gives instructions to Marlin and Dory on how to avenue the East Australian Current, but because he tends to allege with ‘surfer’ argot and actual quickly, they can’t accept what he says. Squirt is accurate by Nicholas Bird.

Minor Characters

In their chance throughout the film, Marlin and Dory accommodated abounding altered characters, both affable and hostile.


The Marlin are accepting a action with their sword-like noses while talking about what Marlin has done.


The Barracuda appears at the alpha of the movie. Afterwards Marlin and Coral altercate approaching diplomacy of their family, Coral spots the barracuda and freezes. As Coral dives to assure her eggs, the barracuda attacks and eats Coral and a lot of of the eggs. One survives, which Marlin alleged Nemo.


Blenny is the small, acutely terrified, consciousness-expanding angle with absolutely big annular eyes that Anchor brings to the abutment accumulation affair as his “fish friend”. Afterwards the credits he appears afresh and eats the Anglerfish whole. [1].


After Dory alone P. Sherman’s diving mask, both she and Marlin adventure into a abyssal arroyo in adjustment to seek for it. Marlin and Dory were in complete darkness, alone to be absorption by a bendable dejected light, which angry out to be the allurement of a alone abyssal anglerfish. Marlin uses its allurement to accord Dory the ablaze bare to apprehend the autograph on the band of the mask. Afterwards the credits roll, there’s a arena breadth Blenny swims in the atramentous afore a ablaze appears, a few moments afterwards the angler angle appears out of the dark, alone to be eaten by Blenny.


Marlin and Dory appointment a academy of moonfish. They can align themselves to imitate the angel of added creatures (including Marlin) or altar (ships, trenches, etc.). They absolute Marlin and Dory to the East Australian Current, which would yield them to Sydney quickly. The arch of the academy is accurate by John Ratzenberger.[2].


After blank the admonishing accustomed to them by the academy of moonfish, Marlin and Dory appointment a massive blossom of jellyfish. Dory is absent to the crisis surrounding her; she bounces off the accretion of the afraid as if they were trampolines. Realizing her antic nature, Marlin decides to accomplish a bold out of the afraid in adjustment to get her to escape the army afore it is too late.


At one point Marlin and Dory are lost, and, admitting awful agnostic protests by Marlin, Dory is able to acquaint with a dejected whale. The bang sucks them into its mouth, and eventually gives Dory instructions on how to avenue through its blowhole already they had accomplished Sydney Harbour.


Gerald is the crammer that eats Marlin and Dory, nearly. He is aswell Nigel’s friend, and has an credible addiction of asthmatic on his food.


The seagulls (specifically Pacific gulls, the alone black-winged Australian gull) are depicted several times in the film, mostly attempting to access food. Their a lot of arresting role is if a army of seagulls hunt Nigel (carrying Marlin and Dory in his mouth), through Sydney harbor. The alone chat they say throughout the absolute blur is “mine” (not “mate”). The beheld annotation in the arise DVD states that the seagulls are accurate by Andrew Stanton.


Two crabs reside by the carrion pipes. One crab, who tries to bolt Nemo and afterwards refuses to acknowledge breadth he’s credible Marlin (until he is apparent to the seagulls), is accurate by Australian allocution actualization host Rove McManus.


Ted is Pearl’s father. Like Pearl, he tends to “ink” if alarmed. He is accurate by Andrew Stanton, the director.


Bob is Sheldon’s father. He is accurate by Andrew Stanton, the director.


Bill is the ancestor of Tad. Has at atomic two accouchement (Tad and one unnamed, earlier child). He is accurate by Joe Ranft.

Mr. Johannsen

“Mr. Johannsen” is a flounder who is teased by Nemo’s classmates.


The lobsters fabricated a adornment actualization as a few of the assorted creatures who were told Marlin’s chance via the turtles. On their way forth the sea basal they see their friend, Bob (another lobster, not to be abashed with Sheldon’s father, the seahorse) trapped in a lobster pot. The lobsters allege with a Boston accent[3], suggesting they accord to the American lobster (Homarus americanus) species. They are all accurate by Andrew Stanton.


Coral was an ocellaris clownfish and was Marlin’s wife and Nemo’s mother. She was asleep in an attack to save their 400 eggs from a barracuda at the alpha of the film. Coral is accurate by Elizabeth Perkins. Coral’s name originates from that of the colonial abyssal invertebrates.


Philip Sherman

Philip Sherman is a attentive Australian dentist who captured Nemo in a diving expedition, if he activate Nemo so far from the reef. He captured Nemo because he believed Nemo was “struggling for life” due to his “Lucky fin”. He is the buyer of the diving affectation that fell overboard. Its band bore the abode of his office, which Dory was able to apprehend and helped Marlin locate Nemo. Philip has a niece alleged Darla. He makes a adornment in the Pixar abbreviate Boundin as the arm. Philip Sherman’s name, “P. Sherman”, as it is spelled on the band of his diver’s mask, is a attenuate Filipino in-joke of the Filipino-American accent, due to the abundant amount of Pixar advisers of Filipino descent.[4] The Tagalog accent in the Philippines lacks the “f” sound, so adopted words with that complete are approximated with the “p” sound. This agency that “P. Sherman” is a pun of “fisherman”.

Philip Sherman is accurate by Bill Hunter.

Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman is Philip Sherman’s niece, and is declared to accept Nemo as a altogether present. While it says that Darla is axis eight, she behaves abnormally childishly, and has a rather apparent brace. The Catchbasin Gang arise her carelessness arise aquarium fish, admitting accidental (she asleep her antecedent altogether present goldfish, Chuckles, two account afterwards accepting it by afraid the artificial bag in which Chuckles swam). As a result, Gill devises a plan to get Nemo aback to the ocean. Darla is accurate by LuLu Ebeling. Every time she turns her arch to attending at the camera or if she enters a scene, the annihilation tune to Psycho plays.


Barbara is the changeable abettor at the Dental Surgery.

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