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Dumbo coloring pages

Dumbo coloring pages

Dumbo Free Coloring Pages

Mrs. Jumbo unhappily looks on how children are delivered by stork to colleague circus-animals but as even a child elephant makes a most unmanageable package, so her so is just final to arrive, but soon becomes a laughing stock for the jealous herd because of his more then jumbo-size ears, so he gets nick-named Dumbo. When she can’t stomach the public making fun of her firstborn, she is locked up as mad elephant, and the taunted kid finds himself all alone; well, except for a self-appointed mentor-protector, Timothy Q. Mouse -subsize, yet ideal to scare the jealous herd- who keeps motivating Dumbo. Alas inspiring the circus director to make Dumbo the top (literally) of an elephant pyramid stunt literally brings the house down, so he’s demoted to clown. Once everything seems lost, they accidentally discover how they ended up in a tree with a bunch of crows.






The stork births a baby elephant to Mrs Jumbo, veteran of the circus, but the newborn is ridiculed because of his truly enormous ears and dubbed “Dumbo”. Dumbo is relegated to the circus’ clown acts; it is up to his only friend, a mouse, to assist Dumbo to achieve his full potential.

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